Ikigai Coffee House

Ikigai Coffee House is a non-profit coffee shop and cafe which operates with an entirely volunteer-based staff. Each cup purchased offers a free meal to a student in need. Conveniently located at Westwood House, there’s no better place to grab gourmet coffee near campus. Ikigai Coffee House features locally roasted beans, pour overs, cold brew, pastries, cold-pressed juice and smoothies, and breakfast sandwiches. Ikigai Coffee House is open from 7 AM to 2 PM, Mondays-Saturdays.

Interested in volunteering opportunities? Check us out here.

Ikigai Coffee House is made possible through the support and sponsorship of Ramen Bowls & Luckyberry Juice Cafe.

We hope that we will have many years of success — many years of being able to continue supporting the free food pantry that we have in the basement and the free meals we do in the evenings. All of those projects have to have some kind of backing behind them, and we’re really hoping the coffeehouse can help support those programs.
— Shantel Grace, Founder of Ikigai Coffee House